Why Should I Join?

First-Time Investors can obtain basic information and factual advice, which instills the confidence that often is the only obstacle preventing the purchase of that first income-producing property.

Experienced Investors find that REIA is an excellent forum for exchanging ideas, comparing notes and learning lessons that can come only from the successes – and failures – of others.

Education – REIA’s primary goal is to educate property owners and managers. Whether you are a first-time investor or an experienced property owner, you will find many opportunities to increase your knowledge about real estate investing.
Keeping up to date – REIA endeavors to stay on top of the changes in laws and policies of governmental and social agencies that affect the way we do business.
Guest Speakers – Each monthly meeting of REIA is highlighted by a guest speaker knowledgeable on a particular topic of interest to REIA members. Lively question-and-answer periods follow each speaker’s presentation, enabling members to gather information on topics important to them.Reference Library is available to all REIA members, and contains over $20,000 worth of helpful books and tapes addressing every aspect of real estate investing and property ownership, as well as numerous other related topics.

Monthly Newsletter – every month members receive up to 16 pages of news and information about real estate investing. Our editor gathers articles and information from a variety of sources, including investing guides, newspapers and magazines, reciprocal newsletters, government publications, individual investors and the internet.

Networking opportunitites are available with successful individuals in the real estate business. Time is available before and after meetings for investors to have informal discussions with one another on any topic of their own choosing. In addition, REIA provides social activities such as summer picnics and Christmas parties. Members can also participate in regional and national conventions and cruises, meeting and networking with investors and instructors from all across the country.

Seminars – From time to time, REIA will sponsor a special seminar on a specific topic. We also provide you with informatino about seminars being held by other groups and organizations.

Discounts on Goods and Services – Many of our business sponsors offer discounts on their products and services to REIA members. We are continuously working to find business members and sponsors willing to offer discounts to our members. Current discounts include oil supply and delivery, oil burner maintenance contracts, tenant screening and credit check services, discounts on paint and many other supplies.

United Force – For all members, REIA stands as a united force, a source of strength when dealing with government and regulatory agencies. Whether it’s going along on a codes inspection or researching the implication of new tax laws, the REIA membership stands by to help.

 REIA membership is open to anyone interested in learning more about the fascinating and PROFITABLE world of real estate investing. Anyone is welcome to attend a meeting for free to see if REIA is right for them. REIA is a non-profit organization. All dues go toward the groups membership to NREIA, PROA, Berks Chamber of Commerce, and hiring lobbyists. REIA offers two types of membership:  Individual and Business Sponsor MembershipsAn Individual Membership includes one member and one associate member.

Cost = $125.00 per year for 2017


Membership Application/Renewal
Membership Fee is $125.00 per year

An individual membership includes two persons from a single household.
A business membership includes a single business.
(One individual from the business should be designated as the contact person)

To become a Member, please fill out the following application and mail it along with the application fee to:

REIA of Berks County, Inc.
P.O. Box 13892
Reading, PA  19612-3892

Click Here for Application


As a business sponsor, your business will receive these benefits on top of what the regular membership grants:

  • One business card size ad in every REIA newsletter for the year.
  • Ability to distribute business cards, flyers, pamphlets, and other giveaways at each meeting
  • Ability to sponsor items at the summer picnic and Christmas party (happy hour, hors d’oeuvres, desserts, etc.)
  • Ability to address the entire group two times per year for five minutes per address at the regular REIA meetings
  • Insertion of one brief article in the REIA Newsletter
  • To become a REIA Business member, you must complete the included form and submit a check made payable to REIA for the amount of $250.00.  $125.00 is for the Business Sponsorship, and the remaining $125.00 is for your regular annual dues. (These memberships are subject to Board approval.)

After the first year, the renewal fee is $175.00.  $50.00 is for maintaining the Business Sponsorship, and the remaining $125.00 is for your regular annual dues.After becoming a business sponsor, if the sponsorship lapses for one year or more, the application process must be re-started and the $125.00 initiation fee and the $125.00 regular annual dues re-paid. (Note: All figures for initiation and renewal fees are subject to change.)

Initial Business Sponsor Application Fee is $250.00.
(These memberships are subject to Board approval.)

Annual Business Sponsor Renewal Fee is $175.00.

To become a Business Sponsor, please fill out the following application and mail it along with the application fee to:

REIA of Berks County, Inc.
P.O. Box 13892
Reading, PA  19612-3892

Click Here for Application